Thursday, June 24, 2010

Auro-Dri Suncare product rebate

The kids are having a blast at the pool this summer!  Today was the first day Brit was complaining about water in her left ear.  I could tell she was really uncomfortable as the afternoon went on so we made a Target run.  I went in looking for Water Babies - the swimmer's ear drops I used growing up.  Sadly, they don't carry them but the Pharmacist suggested Auro-Dri drops.  They only cost $3.44 and come with a $2 mail in cash refund offer!  Sweet!  In addition, I got a $2 off Pampers Splashers catalina coupon at checkout!

Brit had terrible ear infections when she was little and eventually had to have tubes in both ears when she was two.  She HATED ear drops so much so that we would have to gently hold her down to get them in.  Of course, I had flashbacks to those days this afternoon at the thought of trying to get the drops in.  We paid for the drops and as soon as we got to the van, she let me put them in without any complaints!  So proud of her!  Evidence that our little lady is growing-up!  Highly recommend these. 

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