Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Fun and Organization

Since we go to the Saturday night service at our church, the kids and I have the whole day together on Sundays while Chris is at work (we'd rather have him home with us!).  We got a little pool time in this morning with Chris' parents before the rain started.  The kids got to use there new Speedo water wings and were like fish in the water!

I've also done a few quick organization projects around the house that have needed attention for awhile.  I started with our 2.5 year old son's closet and dresser drawers.  It feels so good to get the smaller sizes and warmer clothes outta there!  See below and after pics below.

Then I worked on the kids hall linen closet.  It doesn't take long to get chaotic in there!   I love it because both of these small org projects took less than an hour to accomplish!

Little man's napping and then we're off to Publix to buy newspapers and hit some deals.



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