Monday, August 9, 2010

Dustin Maher's Buddy Bootcamp DVDs - coming soon!

I've shared in the past how much I LOVE Dustin Maher's (trainer to the Moms!) Fit Moms for Life DVDs.  If I lived in Minnesota, I would SO be at his bootcamps every morning!  Thankfully, he's coming out with a set of 4 new DVDs in about 6 weeks that are highly interactive, focus on muscle toning and fat burning, can be done with a partner and are a culmination of his bootcamp workouts.

Over the weekend he had a contest to see who could come up with a creative name for this new DVD set.  Along with 80+ others, I submitted (what I thought) were just 'ok' entries.  In fact, the first time I (thought) I submitted my entries, they didn't show up on his blog so I waited a few hours and then decided to re-post from memory.  To my surprise, I WON the contest!!!!  And the winner gets a FREE set of the new DVDs!!!  I'm thrilled and totally shocked that Dustin picked my entry - Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp!  He's going to name the set Buddy Bootcamp.

Take a minute to check out Dustin's website and look around.  He offers tons of nutrition advice, testimonies, workouts, grocery shopping guides and lots of motivational videos to spur you on.  I receive regular emails from Dustin and have ALWAYS received personal responses from him when I've emailed with a question or advice.  I'm so encouraged reading his posts and updates.

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