Monday, May 3, 2010

Fit Moms for Life FREE DVD

A few days ago, I blogged about Dustin Maher on my other blog and raved about his AMAZING DVD, Fit Moms For Life.  I ordered my FREE copy (shipping was $6.95ish) back in November and then convinced my sister to do the same.  It's a series of 12 DVDs I believe, but you can cancel your subscription anytime - we canceled right after we received it.  We were a little leary that we might be charged but we got an email from Dustin almost instantly accepting our cancellation.  We also signed-up on his email list and receive emails directly from him almost daily.  There are so many great success stories of women who have done the workouts on this DVD and have seen amazing results.  It's the first workout DVD I've actually enjoyed AND felt was challenging.

If you're looking for workouts that consist of strength training, core, cardio and more, this DVD is great for home workouts.  The only "equipment" you really need is an exercise ball and dumbbells.  If I lived in Wisconsin, I'd LOVE to join his MamaTone classes.  I really appreciate this guy because he focuses so much on Moms and really understands the demands and constraints we have on us and how little time we have most days.  He even does an interview with his Mom on a CD that comes with the DVD and really provides some great nutritional and exercise info.  I highly recommend getting a copy!  As soon as my bootcamp membership is up on May 15th, I'll be doing this DVD more consistently in addition to walking and running on our treadmill. 

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