Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet CeCe's

If you live in or around Franklin, TN, chances are you've been to or heard of the hottest place (in my opinion) in Downtown Franklin, Sweet Cece's yogurt shop! It's located at Five Points across from Starbucks. You'll find us there at least once a week. It's becoming a regular family outing most Friday nights. We switched it up and took the kids and Britain's friend tonight since it was a gorgeous night.

It's the cutest little shop, I just love the way they've decorated it. There's not a ton of seating but there are benches and tables right outside on the sidewalk and if you walk down to the Episcopal Church just past the Fire Station on West Main (a few doors down from Sweet Cece's), there's a beautiful courtyard that our kids love running around in.

The yogurt is delish and pretty healthy (see WW points for some of the flavors below and the nutritional info here. And check-out these yummy toppings! My kids like putting cereal on their yogurt! Me? I prefer warm chocolate sauce and choc/peanut butter candy toppings. But now that I'm back on WW, I got a cup of the No sugar added vanilla yogurt (1 cup serving size is 4 pts) and a spoonful of sliced strawberries! A yummy & healthy treat!

When you go, be sure to ask for a punch card. After the 9th punch, you get one FREE! And Tuesday's are two-punch Tuesday's! Also, if you go between 5-6PM Mon-Thur, you can BOGOF! I love that they're open until 11PM on Friday & Saturday nights...makes for a great ending to a date night!

*All points listed below are for 1/2 cup serving size*
Non-fat Country Vanilla (2 pts)
Original Tart (1 pt)
(In addition to the staples)
Classic Chocolate (2 pts)
Georgia Peach (2 pts)
Blueberry Burst
No Sugar Added Vanilla (2 pts)
Very Berry Sorbet
Chocolate Covered Cherry
Dulce de Leche

Maybe we'll see you there!

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