Friday, April 30, 2010

Loaves and Fishes: God's Daily Provisions

Stepping back in time, I wanted to share the story about how the Lord provided a FREE place for my family to live when I was in the fifth grade.  My Dad had been student pastoring a church in NC for 4 years (and also going to Duke Seminary part-time) and so we lived in the church parsonage (it was fully furnished and a wonderful home).  My Mom stayed at home with us when we weren't in school.  It was our 5th year in NC when my Dad felt like God was calling him to go to Seminary full-time and step down from his role as pastor so he could devote his time to studying & classes.  Since that would mean we'd have no income, Mom re-entered the workforce for the first time since my sister and I were born.  She found a job as an assistant teacher in a mentally handicapped class at a middle school. 

Leaving the church meant we would have to leave the parsonage.  Without money to buy or rent a home or furnish it for that matter, we prayed that God would somehow give us a free place to live for a year.  Out of nowhere, a couple in our church called my folks and said they had a house in the mountains of NC that they wanted to renovate for a year and wondered if we would occupy their farmhouse rent free while they were away!  Talk about providing!  So, we gratefully moved into this beautiful, old, fully-furnished farmhouse and made ourselves at home. 

It was such a blessing and to top it off, we tried to pay the electric bill one month but when the meter reader guy came out, he explained with a very puzzled look on his face that somehow a bug got stuck in the meter and he wasn't able to charge us because nothing had registered!  Another praise!

Such a sweet year of faithfully trusting God to provide for our family of four, not knowing where we would go at the end of the year!  It just so happens that God called my Dad to pastor a church in Crestview, Florida that next year so it meant a big move and lots of faith!  That's were I spent my middle school and high school years.  Wonderful memories!

Do you have a loaves & fishes story to share?

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  1. I never knew that story. What an amazing blessing. I am so glad God brought you to Crestview! God is a wonderful provider.