Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weather drama

Well, I had high hopes for getting a lot accomplished today but alas, Middle TN has been under tornado warnings and flash floods most of the day.  We've been stuck inside so my plans of getting to Old Navy, Target and PetSmart aren't going to happen!  Thankfully we have a great basement we're been "hunkered" down in most of the afternoon watching the news and hanging out as a family.  It's been kinda fun being all together!  I got a few things done this morning - laundry, dishes, ironing and coupon clipping but the rest of the day has been unproductive but relaxing and sweet being with the fam.

Hope to get some posts up tonight!  For those of you in our area, I hope you're safe and sound at home.  So many of the roads are flooded around here and I know some people have had to evacuate their homes.  Praying for everyone's safety.

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