Monday, May 24, 2010

DIY Little Girl Room Decorations

It's AMAZING what you can do with ribbon, canvas, paint and buttons!

Over the past few years, here's a look at what we've created in Britain's room.

DIY Baby Picture canvas - Super simple unconventional "picture frame" for your child's baby picture.  I used ribbon gross grain ribbon for the borders, a scrapbook sticker for decoration, a baby picture of Britain, paint and gross grain ribbon to hang the picture.  I also dipped a small magnet in paint to make the polka dots. 

DIY British flag canvas decor - Chris made this beautiful British flag painting for Britain when she was only a year old.  Easy to do with a pencil (for drawing the lines on first) and paint.

DIY Butterfly button canvas decor - My amazing sister had this idea.  She bought the canvas and buttons and made this cute butterfly canvas with Britain's help.  They loved doing the project together and it turned out so well.

DIY Wooden Hair bow holder - Walmart, Michael's and most craft stores sell large wooden letters.  I painted the letter and hot glued a piece of wide gross grain ribbon to the back of the letter so it would hang down about 6-8 inches.  Simple way to keep hair bows in one spot!

DIY Curtain ribbon tie backs - Super easy curtain tie backs made using wide gross grain ribbon and hot glue gun.

DIY Painted Pottery Cross - A good friend made this beautiful cross at Third Coast Pottery before Britain was born.  We have it hanging over her bedroom door.

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