Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guest Post: Dappi Training Pants

Guest Post:  Dappi Training Pants

My good friend, Joy, sent me her review and great information about Dappi training pants.

"I couldn't stand to idea of spending so much money on pull-ups when my daughter started to potty train. Not to mention all the moms that said "they don't help your kid train faster, it's a waste of time." We had used cloth diapers, so I thought I might find cloth training pants. I read a lot of reviews and decided to try these Dappi pants. I really liked them and the best part is that they only cost $1.25 each! I had a lot of trouble with potty training my daughter, but mainly because I think we started too soon. These pants really helped her feel the wetness. Once I switched over from pull ups we saved a ton of money. They wash really easy too. I would just leave them inside-out after I took them off of her so the cloth inside got scrubbed."

Shipping is around $5.95.

Has anyone else tried Dappi's?

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