Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peaceful Solutions - Professional Organization

                                            BEFORE                                              AFTER

                                       BEFORE                                                   AFTER

I HEART organization.  No, not every drawer or closet in our home is picture perfect BUT I thrive when things are orderly.  I crave the peace it brings when everything is in its place.  Our decor is very simple and we don't have a lot of knick knacks which helps keep things looking neat and organized.

Back in 2008, I started a side business called Peaceful Solutions, as an Organizational Coach.  I'm very passionate when it comes to helping people create peace and order in their lives.  I had the privilege of working with six families over the past two years.  My life long dream is to launch Peaceful Solutions full-time (might need a name change!) so I can do what I love on a consistent basis and have the opportunity to set my own hours around our family's schedule.  Until then, I'll be focusing on the areas in our home that need regular attention (craft closet, kitchen drawers, closets, etc) and continue taking side org jobs as I have capacity.  My time is more limited these days so it's difficult adding my side business back in on top of everything else.

Starting this week, I'll begin posting tips and pictures of my own home organization as I tackle some of our very own "hot" spots.

Peaceful Solutions
Equip.  Encourage.  Empower.

Testimony of a Hopeless Packrat 

     Prescription drugs mixed amongst the spices; a pantry so jam packed, food is desperate to be found; lidless tupperware crammed in a cabinet with no hope of being used…this describes the state of my kitchen…until my appointment with Brooke Byers of Peaceful Solutions. What a concept that someone would LOVE to come into my chaos and help me sift and sort, purge and salvage. That, after all, is a job I despise. Brooke made this process not just tolerable, but fun and enlightening. Starting us out in prayer, and then blessing me with inspiring music during the process are the extra touches that bolstered our journey. I loved our big hooplas when I would get the courage to throw something away or donate to charity. Of course the highlight was looking at all my extra space at the end of the day, in addition to knowing everything had a place AND I knew where that place was. She has definitely encouraged, equipped and empowered me! (See pictures above)

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