Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keane "Night Train"

I love it when a planned "sneak" attack actually happens!  This morning after 5AM bootcamp, I made a Walmart run (my least favorite place...I had to greet the greeter this morning!), to get the new Keane "Night Train" CD that released today (Chris told me a few weeks ago it was releasing today so I put it on my calendar and haven't forgetten!).  Two sweet cashiers went hunting in the back for it since it hadn't hit the shelves yet.  I thought for sure I would leave empty handed but to my surprise, I got a copy for $10!  I was literally jumping up and down and thanking the lady telling her how much I appreciated her help because I wanted to surprise my husband with it.  She looked me over (me: no make-up, gym clothes and disshovled) and said, "Honey, you don't look old enough to be married.  I thought you were 16!"  HAHA!  I graciously thanked her and announced that I'll be celebrating my 34th later this year!

I wrote a little love note and had Brit deliver the package to her Daddy after breakfast.  It was so fun surprising Chris with it!  He told me he totally forgot it was coming out today.  Sadly, he doesn't have a CD player in his Comcast van so he quickly loaded it on his iPod before he left for work.  Which means, I get to enjoy the CD all day!   Loving it!  We saw Keane a few years ago at the Ryman and they were incredible!

Love that I could bless him in such a small way.  He works so hard and faithfully for our family, enduring long, back breaking work and only complains that he doesn't get to see his family much.

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