Monday, May 3, 2010

Baking day II

Our office is closed today so I'm thankful to be home with the kids!  We made a "quick" run out to get gas and get a few things at Harris Teeter.  Still trying to take advantage of their triple coupons.  Traffic was crazy!  So many roads are closed here.  Thankful the rain is gone and the sun is bright!

I promise I haven't baked this much in ages!  Brit asked if we could make some crackers so I found a recipe for Rice Krispie Cheese Wafers here.  They've always been a favorite of mine, mom used to make them when I was younger.  They're super easy to make (kid-friendly) and only have 6 ingredients.  They're in the oven now!  I love this link because it includes the nutritional ingredients as well (only 1 pt on Weight Watchers).

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