Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dinner Par-tay

Tonight Brit asked if we could have a dinner par-tay!  Of course I could've said NO and not worried with the "mess", but thankfully I didn't stifle her creativity and imagination and thus got down the Thomas the Train plastic tablecloth, party hats, Tinkerbell decorations and Zoo pal plates! 

When I asked her what are we going to celebrate,  she immediately said, "We're gonna have a Jesus Party and celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead!"  Then she proceeded to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and "This is the day that the Lord has made!"  Such sweet moments!  And none of it was prompted by me.  I just love her heart and passion for God!

While I was making spaghetti, right before we got the par-tay started, she said, "We're the luckiest kids of all because we do lucky things.  When I said, "like what?" she said, "like serving others!" 

I am one blessed Mama!  Just had to share our sweet dinner adventure tonight.  Now they're "swimming" in the living room.  Britain put her swimsuit on and put little man's swim trunks on him and they dug out all of their swim toys (floaties, diving sticks and paddle board along with ear plugs!). 

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