Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loaves and Fishes: God's Daily Provisions

Sitting at work this morning, the phone rang and it was a dear friend, Bob, all the way in San Diego.  Concerned for everyone here, he called to check on us and announce that he can't do much from CA but he ordered pizza for us and was having it delivered.  This man lives and breathes Jesus and is an incredible godly example to ALL who meet him.

He founded an amazing ministry called Restore International in Uganda.  Our organization, Porter's Call, is getting involved and is collecting $5 from everyone who comes in for counseling so we can write a large check at the end of the year and help build a music room at Restore Academy.  In addition, we're going to fill it with instruments!!  We're excited to be part of this project.  Here are some of my favorite Bob quotes:  "

"It's hard to make eye contact with injustice; but it needs to be seen to be fixed."

"If I could change one thing in the world; I'd change one more thing."

"Hardship overturns the table; but love does the dishes. Pass the soap."

 So today, God provided an unexpected meal from afar!  And yes, I enjoyed 2 slices of delicious cheese pizza from Papa John's (I counted the points!). 


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