Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trader Joe's staples

As I've mentioned before, I HEART TJ's!!!  It's MY favorite place to shop for natural & organic foods.  It's so encouraging to find the healthy version of products we already love.  For instance, Brit LOVES pop tarts but they're filled with hydrogenated oils and other unhealthy additives.  Thankfully, TJ's sells Nature's Toaster Pastry pop tarts and the kids love them!  I've even found that some of the healthy-version products we buy at TJ's are actually cheaper than the traditional brands.

Here's a price list of some of our favs:

TJ's Popcorn Lite $1.79 (large bag)
Poppyseed Salad Dressing-$1.99
Nature's Toaster Pastry-$2.59
Cereal bars-$1.69 (much cheaper & healthier than Nutrigrain bars)
Sliced almonds-$2.49
TJ's Frozen Blueberry waffles-$1.99
TJ's Tomato Basil Pasta sauce-$1.79
TJ's Bagged Romaine salad-$1.99
TJ's Cheese Tortellini pasta-$1.99
Organic baked beans-$1.49
Schoolhouse cinnamon cookies-$2.49
White Tortilla chips-$1.79
Midnight Moo Organic Chocolate syrup-$2.49
Boxed Mac & Cheese-$.99

Does your family have any TJ's favs?

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