Sunday, May 9, 2010

Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart

Chris bought this AMAZING Melissa & Doug responsibility chart for Britain a few years ago and it has been the BEST tool we've found in encouraging her to do chores and take responsibility for things around the house.  It includes 134 magnetic rewards and responsibility magnets that range from basic responsibilities like "brushing teeth" up to "loading the dishwasher", "show respect to someone" etc.  so they can be changed as your child gets older.  We give Britain a dime for every responsibility completed.  So, usually at the end of the week, she makes between $4-5 dollars.  She was able to save over $200 for our Disney trip on her 5th birthday this past March.  I highly recommend this system if you haven't found something that works effectively.  You can get it on Amazon here now for as low as $11.21 (plus shipping!).

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