Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stormy in TN

The rains and floods are still heavy today.  Chris works for Comcast and is out in this mess.  Please pray for his safety and everyone else in the path of these floods and storms.  There are so many without power.  We had a campout down stairs in the basement last night.  Brit and I were in the Queen guest bed, little man on his mattress by us and Chris was on the couch.  We kept the TV on all night so no one got much sleep.  Little man ended up in bed with Brit & I early this morning and by the time Chris left for work around 7:15 they were WIDE awake!!

I've been baking, see recipes below, and the kids have made their playhouse in the living room.

Another day stuck inside.  Maybe we'll have a indoor picnic for lunch or something to have a little fun!

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